The Concept:

Create a fun and sexy Reality TV Show to help people understand the importance of recycling and show the world what they throw into the garbage can put money in their pockets. The old saying “one mans trash is another Diva’s treasure” let the Divas teach America their trash is treasure and it will bring profit. Help people reuse, recycle, & make revenue is what the Divas are looking to do.

The Show:

Diva Dumpster Divers

Beautiful divas will travel the streets trying to locate good usable items that people throw into the trash. (Roadside treasures) things like furniture, appliances, sports equipment, camping goods, recreational goods anything that someone might trash that has value. Once the search is over they bring the items found to a warehouse and take photos of each item then post on the divas website for sale. Viewers can go to the website to check out all items the Divas have found. Once on the website they can browse, bid or buy now and with each purchase get a signed autograph from the Dumpster Divas.

This concept can also be done as a competition between other teams. Who can locate the best items and resale them to make the most profit the fastest?

Diva Dumpster DiversItems Found: (Making Money)

This teaches America that what they trash is really treasure. The items found will be for sale and posted on the Divas website, Craigslist, and all internet avenues.

Items that don’t sell the Divas will take to a local pawn shop to make any profit.

No profit items will be donated to local GoodWill or Salvation Army stores.

Monies Made:

The Divas will collect all monies and donate to a local charity. Helping kids fight cancer. “Because kids can’t fight cancer alone”

On TV:

30 minute episodes, curb alerts, last weeks items found & sold, money earned donations given. Have fun participating and watching America understand to recycle reuse and help kids fight cancer!